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Inside Out (1975, Telly Savalas, James Mason)



Telly Savalas, Robert Culp and James Mason star in Peter Duffell’s thriller caper as three crooks who join together to ‘liberate’ $6m of Nazi gold from East Germany. The only problem is that the one person who knows exactly where the gold is stashed is a convicted war criminal imprisoned in Berlin. The potentially dubious premise of the film is rescued by the interplay of the three leads and by a redemptive, moral conclusion.

production details
Germany – UK | 97 minutes | 1975

Writers: Stephen Schneck, Judd Bernard
Director: Peter Duffell

Aldo Ray as M.Sgt. Prior
Don Fellows as U.S. Colonel
Telly Savalas as Harry Morgan
Robert Culp as Sly Wells
James Mason as Ernst Furben
Günter Meisner as Schmidt
Adrian Hoven as Dr. Maar
Wolfgang Lukschy as Reinhard Holtz
Charles Korvin as Peter Dohlberg
Constantine Gregory as Col. Kosnikov
Richard Warner as Wilhelm Schlager
Doris Kunstmann as Erika
Lorna Dallas as Meredith Morgan