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Ipcress File, The (1965, Michael Caine, Nigel Green)



Michael Caine is the height of coolness in this 1960s British Cold War thriller directed by Sidney J. Furie (‘Lady Sings the Blues,’ ‘The Entity’) and based on a novel by Len Deighton. Caine plays Harry Palmer, a reluctant government intelligence agent, sent to find out who kidnapped a group of high-level scientists.

Harry soon finds out that the victims have been brainwashed as well. Now it’s up to Harry to bring them home to safety–without being brainwashed himself. It won’t be easy, given that acts of shocking betrayal are happening all around Harry, including some American CIA agents. Will Harry discover what’s really going on before getting killed?

production details
UK | Universal | 109 minutes | 1965

Director: Sidney J. Furie
Producer: Harry Salzman
Original Story: Len Deighton
Director of Photography: Otto Heller
Editor: Peter Hunt
Music: John Barry
Script: Bill Canaway, James Doran
Production Design: Ken Adam

Michael Caine as Harry Palmer
Nigel Green as Dalby
Guy Doleman as Ross
David Glover as Chilcott-Oakes
Gordon Jackson as Carswell
Sue Lloyd as Jean
Aubrey Richards as Radcliffe
Frank Gatliff as Bluejay
Thomas Baptiste as Barney
Oliver MacGreevy as Housemartin
Freda Bamford as Alice
Pauline Winter as Charlady
Anthony Blackshaw as Edwards
Barry Raymond as Gray
Stanley Meadows as Inspector Keightley