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Iron And Silk (1991, Mark Salzman, Vivien Wu)



Mark Salzman co-wrote and stars in this adaptation of his own best-selling book about an American teacher in China. Obsessed with Chinese culture and hoping to attain some kind of personal enlightenment, the young instructor learns Tai Chi, falls in love with a Chinese doctor, refines his Chinese manners, and delves deep into Chinese customs and philosophies.

Mark Salzman, who stars in Iron and Silk, is a rare author indeed, cast as himself in the adaptation of his own book; prior to the film, the good-looking Salzman had never worked as an actor.

production details
Japan – USA | 92 minutes | 1991

Director: Shirley Sun
Producers: Mei Kwong Franklin, Shirley Sun
Director of Photography: James Haymond
Editors: James Y. Kwei, Geraldine Peroni
Music: Michael Gibbs
Script: Mark Salzman, Shirley Sun
Production Design: Calvin Tsao

Vivian Wu as Ming
Mark Salzman as Teacher Mark
Pan Qingfu as Pan Qingfu
Hangcheng Dong as Teacher Cai
Xihong Jiang as Teacher Zhang