Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town (2018, Mackenzie Davis, Carrie Coon)



In entertaining comedy Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town, the Izzy of the title is a woman at rock bottom but is determined to make her way across Los Angeles in order to crash her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party.

production details
US | 86 minutes | 2018
Director: Christian Papierniak
Script: Christian Papierniak,

Mackenzie Davis as Izzy
Carrie Coon as Virginia
Lakeith Stanfield as George
Haley Joel Osment as Walt
Brandon T. Jackson as Dick
Johnny Otto as Ugly Sweater Guy
Alex Russell as Roger
Alia Shawkat as Agatha Benson
Annie Potts as Mary
Rob Huebel as Bennett
Sarah Goldberg as Whitney
Kyle Kinane as Rabbit
Luka Jones as Leo
Meghan Lennox as Casey
Sheldon Bailey as Tom
Lauren Miller as Ellen Wexler
Melinda McGraw as Mrs. Percy
Ryan Simpkins as Young Izzy
Dolly Wells as The Woman in the Field
Salme Geransar as Gypsy
Michelle Haro as Ugly Sweater Girl
Suzanne LaChasse as Engagement party guest
Marcia Ann Burrs as Grey-haired Woman
Robyn Clark as Jogger
Rebecca Kessler as Engagement party guest
Bobby Lamont as Bartender
Matt Riker as Andy Wexler
Robert Santi as Engagement party guest
Tyler Hubbard as Theatre Attendee
PeterPaul Shaker as Waiter
Andrea Finlayson as Ugly Sweater party guest
India Mynatt as Theater Patron
Leonard Cataudella as Engagement party guest
Spenser Genesy as Ugly sweater party guest
Rebecca Berry as Engagement party guest
Joshua Carpenter as Ugly Sweater party guest
Evan Rossman as Ugly Sweater party guest
Sara Werner as Engagement party guest
Blaire Strong as Engagement party guest
Sarah Furniss as Engagement party guest

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