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Jacqueline (1956, John Gregson, Kathleen Ryan



‘Thank heavens’, wrote Reynolds News of this charming drama, ‘for a British film free of outmoded snobbery, a film about working people who are neither criminals nor comedians … many will welcome it as a change from gangster brutality or sickly love’. The warm, sentimental screenplay by Patrick Kirwan and Liam O’Flaherty set the action in Belfast where labourer John Gregson who, unable to get a job on a farm, is lured by high wages into working in the shipyards, high up on the scaffolding. He suffers from dangerous attacke of vertigo which cause him to take to drink, to the despair of his wife, Kathleen Ryan . Their young daughter, Jacqueline Ryan, continues to believe in her father. So when Gregson eventually loses his job, young Jacqueline confronts hard-headed businessman Liam Redmond and persuades him to give her father a farm job.

‘The dialogue is extremely natural’, wrote the Sundav Dispatch , ‘and director Roy Baker has seen his actors never step out of their class. The performances were ideally in tune with the material.’ Gregson and (Kathleen) Ryan’, reported the Sunday Dispatch , ‘are excellent… Cyril Cusack has some immensely funny moments’. ‘There is good support from several Irish stalwarts’, commented Monthly Film Bulletin : among them were Redmond, Noel Purcell, Maureen Delaney and Marie Kean.

production details
UK | Rank | 89 minutes | 1956
Director: Roy Baker
Writers: Patrick Kirwan, Liam O’Flaherty, Patrick Campbell
Novel: A Grand Man by Catherine Cookson

John Gregson as Mike McNeil
Kathleen Ryan as Elizabeth McNeil
Jacqueline Ryan as Jacqueline McNeil
Liam Redmond as Peter Lord
Cyril Cusack as John Flannagan
Marie Kean as Mrs. Flannagan
Noel Purcell as Mr. Owen, the Parson
Maureen Delaney as Mrs. McBride
Josephine Fitzgerald as Mrs. McMullen
Richard O’Sullivan as Michael McNeil, Jacqueline’s Brother
Rita Begley as Sara Flannagan
Tony Wright as Jack McBride
Maureen Swanson as Maggie Flannagan
Jack MacGowran as Campbell
Harold Goldblatt as Schoolmaster
Barry Keegan as Bob Quinton
Christopher Steele as Mr. Pike, the Organist
J.G. Devlin as Baxter