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Jefe (Netflix 2018, Luis Callejo, Luis Callejo)



In comedy drama Jefe, rude, self-centered businessman Cesar is on the brink of losing everything until Ariana, the night cleaner at his office, helps him find redemption.

production details
Spain | Netflix | 89 minutes | 2018

Director: Sergio Barrejón
Script: Natxo López, Marta Sofia Martins,

Luis Callejo as Cesar
Luis Callejo as Ariana
Carlo D’Ursi as Gomez
Josean Bengoetxea as Javier
Bárbara Santa-Cruz as Teresa
Maika Barroso as Jimena
Dailia Carmo
Adam Jezierski as Charly
Sergio Quintana as Garrido
Diana Lázaro
Teo Planell as Diego