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Johnny Eager (MGM 1942, Robert Taylor, Van Heflin)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Johnny Eager was an unusual MGM entry into the crime melodrama racket benefits from the high-budget treatment and attractive stars. Johnny, a cagey racketeer looking to tighten his grip on local gambling operations, gets involved with a vulnerable society girl, and the daughter of the local D.A., who becomes a tool for his criminal schemes.

Lana Turner was just 21 when she appeared in the movie. Already famous as ‘The Sweater Girl,’ the luscious Turner was assiduously courted by her co-star, Robert Taylor.

The original publicity proclaimed ‘The flaming drama of a high-born beauty who blindly loved the most icy-hearted big shot gangland ever knew!’

Academy Awards: Van Heflin

production details
USA | MGM | 107 minutes | 1941
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Script: John Lee Mahin, James Edward Grant,

Robert Sterling as Jimmy Courtney
Glenda Farrell as Mae Blythe Agridowski
Robert Taylor as Johnny Eager
Cy Kendall as Bill Halligan
Henry O’Neill as A.J. Verne
Lana Turner as Lisbeth ‘Liz’ Bard
Edward Arnold as John Benson Farrell
Van Heflin as Jeff Hartnett
Patricia Dane as Garnet
Diana Lewis as Judy Sanford
Barry Nelson as Lew Rankin
Charles Dingle as A. Frazier Marco
Paul Stewart as Julio
Don Costello as Billiken
Lou Lubin as Benjy