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Jumping for Joy (1956, Frankie Howerd, Stanley Holloway)



Hapless innocent Willy Joy (Frankie Howerd) is working at a greyhound track, unfortunately so is a gang of undesirables who are doping the dogs in an attempt to fix the races. However, when officials discover that something amiss is going on, they decide that Joy is guilty and he is dismissed from his job in disgrace.

Initially unsure about what to do, Joy is inveigled into taking on a sick greyhound to look after. This he does, not only nursing it back to health, but also finding that he now has on his hands a dog that is special enough to be a champion. However, the thugs are still patrolling the greyhound track and if he is to clear his name, Joy will have to face up to them.

production details
UK | Rank | 75 minutes | 1956

Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Writers: Jack Davies, Henry Blyth

Frankie Howerd as Willie Joy
Stanley Holloway as Captain Jack Montague
Alfie Bass as Blagg
Lionel Jeffries as Bert Benton
Susan Beaumont as Susan Storer