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Kid from Spain, The (United Artists 1932, Eddie Cantor, Lyda Roberti)



Eddie Cantor stars in early screwball musical The Kid From Spain with choreography by Busby Berkeley. College kid Cantor witnesses a bank robbery and then flees to his friend Young’s place in Mexico. There he’s mistaken for a bullfighter and must enter the ring.

It’s a fine example of director Leo McCarey’s early work as the director of choice for the major comedians of the time, including Cantor, the Marx Brothers, Mae West, W. C. Fields and Harold Lloyd. Look quick to see Betty Grable and Paulette Goddard in a Berkeley-fueled chorus line.

In 1932, at the height of the Depression, The Kid From Spain proved so popular that producer Sam Goldwyn was able to charge more than $2 a ticket; this in an era when most first-run movies drew a top price of 75 cents.

Songs include ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ ‘In the Moonlight,’ and ‘What a Perfect Combination.’

production details
USA | United Artists | 96 minutes | 1932
Director: Leo McCarey
Script: William Anthony McGuire, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby,

Noah Beery as Alonzo Gomez
John Miljan as Pancho
Stanley Fields as Jose
Eddie Cantor as Eddie Williams
Lyda Roberti as Rosalie
Robert Young as Ricardo
Ruth Hall as Anita Gomez
J. Carrol Naish as Pedro
Robert Emmett O’Connor as Detective Crawford (as Robert Emmet O’Connor)
Paul Porcasi as Gonzales
Sidney Franklin as Himself – American Matador
Jean Allen as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Loretta Andrews as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Betty Grable as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Paulette Goddard as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Marion Sayers as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Jane Wyman as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Toby Wing as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)
Dorothy Coonan Wellman as Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)