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Kid Galahad (United Artists 1962, Elvis, Lola Albright)



In Kid Galahad Elvis struts his stuff as a boxing novice who winds up punching his way to fame. In between winning championships and bouts of wishing he could go back to his quiet life as a garage mechanic and start a family, the King does sing. If you love Elvis, you’ll love this. If you love boxing, stick with the 1937 version.

Songs include ‘I Got Lucky,’ ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is,’ and ‘Riding the Rainbow.’

When he appeared in Kid Galahad Charles Bronson was just a year away from his star-making role as Danny the Tunnel King in The Great Escape (1963).

production details
USA | United Artists | 95 minutes | 1962
Director: Phil Karlson
Script: Francis Wallace, William Fay,

Charles Bronson as Lew Nyack
Gig Young as Willy Grogan
Ned Glass as Max Lieberman
Elvis Presley as Walter Gulick
Lola Albright as Dolly Fletcher
Joan Blackman as Rose Grogan
Robert Emhardt as Maynard
Liam Redmond as Father Higgins
Judson Pratt as Howie Zimmerman
David Lewis as Otto Danzig