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Kiss Before the Mirror, The (1933, Frank Morgan, Nancy Carroll)



A murder-suspense-courtroom drama set in Vienna, with Frank Morgan as a trial attorney defending a jealous husband accused of killing his faithless wife. The attorney begins to see some ominous parallels between the behavior of his client’s victim and his own wife, and he contemplates a similar solution.

Solid direction from James Whale (he shot this on his sets from Frankenstein), and cinematography by Karl Freund, of ‘Metropolis’ fame. Whale made this once again in 1938 as Wives Under Suspicion.

Walter Pidgeon, one of Hollywood?s most reliable stars of the 1940s, was just a bit player when he appeared as an unnamed bachelor in The Kiss Before the Mirror.

production details
USA / 67 minutes / 1933

Director: James Whale
Producer: Carl Laemmle Jr.
Cinematography: Karl Freund
Editor: Ted J. Kent
Script: Laszlo Fodor, William Anthony McGuire
Art Direction: Charles D. Hall

Frank Morgan as Paul Held
Nancy Carroll as Maria Held
Paul Lukas as Walter Bernsdorf
Gloria Stuart as Mrs Bernsdorf
Jean Dixon as Hilda Frey
Donald Cook as Maria’s Lover
Charley Grapewin as Schultz (as Charles Grapewin)
Walter Pidgeon as Lucy’s Lover

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