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Kremlin Letter, The (TCF 1970, Patrick O’Neal, Richard Boone)



John Huston’s international spy thriller spans Finland, Italy, Mexico, and the U.S. and concerns a stolen letter that implicates America and Russia in a plot to attack China. Once the U.S. government finds out about the unauthorized document, they organize a team of spies and agents, old and new, to try to retrieve it. As they pursue the leads, the agents discover a hornet’s nest of murder, treason, intrigue and deception.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 120 minutes | 1970

Director: John Huston
Producers: Carter DeHaven III, Sam Wiesenthal
Cinematography: Ted Scaife
Editor: Russell Lloyd
Music: Toshiro Mayuzumi
Script: Gladys Hill, John Huston
Production Design: Edward Haworth

Patrick O’Neal as Charles Rone
Richard Boone as Ward
Max von Sydow as Colonel Kosnov
Bibi Andersson as Erika Kosnov
Barbara Parkins as B. A.
George Sanders as The Warlock
Orson Welles as Bresnavitch
Ronald Radd as
Nigel Green as The Whore
Micheál MacLiammóir as Sweet Alice
Dean Jagger as The Highwayman
Lila Kedrova as Madam Sophie
John Huston as The Admiral
Vonetta McGee as The Black Woman
Raf Vallone as
Sandor Elès as
Niall MacGinnis as
Anthony Chinn as
Guy Deghy as
Cyril Shaps as