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Krull (1983, Lysette Anthony, Liam Neeson)



Krull is a visually striking yet overblown sword-and-sorcery fantasy that borrows brazenly and ineptly from similar sagas, from King Arthur to Star Wars. Ken Marshall is a prince from a strange planet who fights his way through a predictably treacherous obstacle course to rescue his princess bride (Lysette Anthony) from The Beast.

Despite the slick special effects and thundering soundtrack, the derring-do adventure seems stale and monotonous.

production details
UK – Italy | 117 minutes | 1983

Writer: Stanford Sherman
Director: Peter Yates

Ken Marshall as Prince Colwyn
Lysette Anthony as Princess Lyssa
David Battley as Ergo
Liam Neeson as Kegan
John Welsh as The Seer
Graham McGrath as Titch
Tony Church as Turold
Belinda Mayne as Vella
Freddie Jones as Ynyr
Todd Carty as Oswyn
Bernard Bresslaw as Rell the Cyclops
Francesca Annis as Lyssa, Widow of the Web
Bill Weston as Menno
Alun Armstrong as Torquil
Bernard Archard as Eirig
Andy Bradford as Darro
Robbie Coltrane as Rhun
Dicken Ashworth as Bardolph
Bronco McLoughlin as Nennog
Gerard Naprous as Quain
Derek Lyons as White Slayer with Tiger
Trevor Martin as The Beast (voice)
Dinny Powell as Slayer in the Swamp
Nosher Powell as Slayer in the Swamp
Tom Rumpf as Sword Fighter