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Last Orders (2001, Michael Caine, Tom Courtenay)



Director Fred Schepisi adapted Graham Swift’s novel for this poignant ensemble film about a bunch of lifelong friends who undertake a sentimental journey to honor the last wishes of their recently deceased ringleader, Jack (Michael Caine). Coming together to scatter Jack’s ashes off the pier of a seaside town are lovable clown Ray (Bob Hoskins); quiet spirit Vic (Tom Courtney); disappointed drunk Lenny (David Hemmings); and Jack’s successful but embittered son, Vince (Ray Winstone).

As the quartet of men journey to the coast (with scenes of their past featured in flashbacks), Jack’s widow, Amy (Helen Mirren), visits the mentally disabled daughter (Laura Morelli) Jack rejected, and muses about her love for one of Jack’s friends. Poignant and funny, this vibrant film is a glorious showcase for some of Britain’s greatest acting talents.

In Last Orders, which features flashbacks to the youthful days of the film’s protagonists, the younger version of Lenny, played as a middle-aged man by David Hemmings, is incarnated by Hemmings’ look-alike son, Nolan.

production details
UK / Sony Pictures / 109 minutes / 2001

Director: Fred Schepisi
Producers: Elisabeth Robinson, Fred Schepisi, Gary Smith
Original Story: Graham Swift
Director of Photography: Brian Tufano
Editor: Kate Williams
Music: Paul Grabowsky
Script: Fred Schepisi
Production Design: Tim Harvey

Ray Winstone as Vince
Tom Courtenay as Vic
Kelly Reilly as Young Amy
Michael Caine as Jack
David Hemmings as Lenny
Bob Hoskins as Ray
Helen Mirren as Amy
J. J. Feild as Young Jack
Cameron Fitch as Young Vic
Nolan Hemmings as Young Lenny
Anatol Yusef as Young Ray
Stephen McCole as Young Vince
George Innes as June
Sally Hurst as Mandy