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Legend (2015, Tom Hardy, Emily Browning)



Tom Hardy takes both lead roles in Legend writer-director Brian Helgeland’s biopic of London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

The swaggering narrative, by turns humorous and brutally violent, kicks off with detective superintendent Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read (Christopher Eccleston) shadowing Reggie as he goes to wake his tardy chauffeur Frankie Shea (Colin Morgan). The driver’s lie-in is fortuitous for Reggie: he’s greeted by Frankie’s younger sister Frances (Emily Browning, who also provides the movie’s narration), whom he instantly invites on a date.

Meanwhile, psychopathically violent Ronnie is in prison, having been declared criminally insane. However, an unfortunate psychiatrist (Nicholas Farrell) is leant upon to provide the testimony needed to release him. Now the twins are free to pursue their ambition of controlling the capital. But, with fierce rivals and intense police interest, it won’t be easy… With Tara Fitzgerald as Frances’ mother; David Thewlis as the brothers’ business manager; and Chazz Palminteri as the Mafia boss who’s taken aback by Ronnie’s open homosexuality.

production details
UK / 131 minutes / 2015

Director: Brian Helgeland
Writers: Brian Helgeland, John Pearson

Tom Hardy as Ronald Kray / Reginald Kray
Emily Browning as Frances Shea
Christopher Eccleston as Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read
Tara Fitzgerald as Elsie Shea
Chazz Palminteri as Angelo Bruno
Nicholas Farrell as Dr Humphries
David Thewlis as Leslie Payne
Paul Anderson as Albert Donoghue
Tim Woodward as Superintendent Cummings
Sam Hoare as Stefan De Faye
Joshua Hill as Constable Scott
Kevin McNally as Harold Wilson
Stephen Lord as Fuller
Taron Egerton as Mad Teddy Smith
Colin Morgan as Frank Shea
Paul Bettany as Charlie Richardson
Aneurin Barnard as David Bailey
Duffy as Timi Yuro
John Sessions as Lord Boothby
Sam Spruell as Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie
Millie Brady as Joan Collins
Charley Palmer Rothwell as Leslie Holt
Bob Cryer as Charles Kray Snr
Samantha Pearl as Shirley Bassey
Martin McCreadie as Eddie Richardson
Jane Wood as Violet Kray
Mel Raido as Ian Barrie
Adam Fogerty as Pat Connolly
Lorraine Stanley as Blind Beggar Barmaid
Shane Attwooll as George Cornell
Chris Mason as Ronnie Hart
Frankie Fitzgerald as Jack Dickson
Major Johnson Finley as The Double R Club Singer
Christopher Adamson as Philip Testa
Lara Cazalet as Mrs Payne
Nick Hendrix as Hew McCowan
Ashley Byam as John
John Sears as Father Foster
Robin Hooper as Prison Doctor (uncredited)
John Carr as Guest at Club (uncredited)

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