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Limelight (UA 1952, Charlie Chaplin, Claire Bloom)



A winsome fable of music-hall performer Charlie Chaplin regaining his love of life after turning a young ballerina (a radiant, 19-year-old Claire Bloom) from suicide. Chaplin and Buster Keaton’s only screen appearance together comes in a nostalgic vaudeville skit. Chaplin also wrote the lovely score, for which he earned an Oscar (in 1971!). Chaplin’s daughter Geraldine makes her screen debut.

production details
USA | United Artists | 137 minutes | 1952

Director: Charlie Chaplin
Producer: Charlie Chaplin
Cinematography: Karl Struss
Editor: Joe Inge
Music: Charlie Chaplin
Script: Charlie Chaplin
Art Direction: Eugene Laurie

Marjorie Bennett as Mrs. Alsop
Claire Bloom as Terry, a Dancer
Charlie Chaplin as Calvero
Nigel Bruce as Postant, an Impresario
Buster Keaton as Calvero’s Partner
Sydney Chaplin as Neville
Norman Lloyd as Bodalink
Andre Eglevsky as Dancer
Melissa Hayden as Dancer
Wheeler Dryden as Thereza’s Doctor
Barry Bernard as John Redfern
Stapleton Kent as Claudius
Mollie Glessing as Maid
‘Snub’ Pollard as Street Musician
Geraldine Chaplin as Little Girl in Opening Scene (uncredited)
Oona Chaplin as Extra (uncredited)
Edna Purviance as Mrs. Parker (uncredited)
Colin Kenny as Music Hall Performer (uncredited)