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Lion Is in the Streets, A (Warner 1953, James Cagney, Anne Francis)



A street con man in Louisiana puts his pitching skills to good use on the campaign trail when he decides to become a politician. Cagney’s the one to watch in this Walsh fable loosely based on the mythology of Huey Long.

A Lion is in the Streets is the only James Cagney film in which Lon Chaney Jr. also appeared. Four years later, Cagney would play Chaney’s father in Man of a Thousand Faces (1957) but the younger Chaney did not play himself in the film.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 88 minutes | 1953

Director: Raoul Walsh
Producer: William Cagney
Original Story: Luther Davis
Cinematography: Harry Stradling
Editor: George Amy
Music: Franz Waxman
Production Design: Wiard Ihnen

Lee Aaker as Johnny Briscoe
Ellen Corby as Singing Woman
James Millican as Samuel T. Beach
Sara Haden as Lula May McManamee
Frank McHugh as Frank Rector
Barbara Hale as Verity Wade
Onslow Stevens as Guy Polli
Anne Francis as Flamingo McManamee
Warner Anderson as Jules Bolduc
James Cagney as Hank Martin
John McIntire as Jeb Brown
Jeanne Cagney as Jennie Brown
Lon Chaney Jr. as Spurge McManamee
Larry Keating as Robert L. Castleberry IV
Mickey Simpson as Tim Beck, Blacksmith