List of Adrian Messenger, The (Universal 1963, George C. Scott, Kirk Douglas)



In The List of Adrian Messenger, a retired army officer (George C. Scott) receives a list from a friend who later dies in a plane crash. When Scott pursues information about the men on the list, he uncovers a brilliantly devious traitor who informed on his comrades in a Japanese prison camp in Burma, and who is eliminating those who know about it. Complex, intriguing mystery directed by Huston.

Director John Huston attributed the idea for the many clandestine star cameos in The List of Adrian Messenger to producer Ed Lewis. Having the stars conceal their identities played on the attempts of the killer to do the same.

production details
USA | Universal | 98 minutes | 1963

Director: John Huston
Writer: Anthony Veiller

Robert Mitchum as Cameo
Tony Curtis as Cameo
Burt Lancaster as Cameo
Noel Purcell as Countryman
Gladys Cooper as Mrs. Karoudjian
John Huston as Lord Ashton
Dana Wynter as Lady Jocelyn Bruttenholm
Bernard Archard as Insp. Pike
Clive Brook as Marquis of Gleneyre
George C. Scott as Anthony Gethryn
Kirk Douglas as George Brougham / Vicar Atlee / Mr. Pythian / Arthur Henderson
Frank Sinatra as Cameo
John Merivale as Adrian Messenger
Herbert Marshall as Sir Wilfrid Lucas
Jacques Roux as Raoul Le Borg
Marcel Dalio as Max Karoudjian
Tony Huston as Derek Bruttenholm
Anita Sharp-Bolster as Mrs. Slattery

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