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Long Voyage Home, The (United Artists 1940, John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald)



The Long Voyage Home sees four one-acts by Eugene O’Neill add up to a gripping account of men thrown together by war facing danger from the enemy under the waves and from the raging sea itself.

John Wayne portrays a young Swede gaining his sea legs and just trying to make it home so he can settle on a farm of his own. He’s taken in hand by the John Ford stock company – Thomas Mitchell, Barry Fitzgerald, Ward Bond–and together they weather a fatal storm, suspicions of treason, a strafing by enemy planes, and the equally hazardous shore leave.

One of Ford’s finest, and that’s saying plenty; O’Neill reportedly considered it the best adaptation of his work. He later wrote to Ford: “My congratulations on a deeply moving and beautiful piece of work. It is a great picture and I hope you are as proud of it as I am.”

Academy Award Nominations: 6, including Best Picture; Best Screenplay.

production details
Country: USA | United Artists | 106 minutes
Release Year: 1940

Director: John Ford
Writers: Dudley Nichols, Eugene O’Neill,

John Wayne as Ole Olsen
Carmen Morales as Principal Spanish Girl
Ward Bond as Yank
Billy Bevan as Joe – Limehouse Barman
Bob Perry as Paddy
Harry Woods as Amindra First Mate
Thomas Mitchell as Driscoll
Ian Hunter as Smitty
Barry Fitzgerald as Cocky
Wilfrid Lawson as Captain
John Qualen as Axel
Mildred Natwick as Freda
Arthur Shields as Donkeyman
Joe Sawyer as Davis
Rafaela Ottiano as Bella
Jack Pennick as Johnny
Douglas Walton as Second Mate
Judith Linden as Bumboat Girl
James Flavin as Dock Policeman
Lionel Pape as Mr. Clifton
Wyndham Standing as British Naval Officer
Blue Washington as Black Cook on Glencairn
J. M. Kerrigan as Crimp
Constant Franke as Norway
David Hughes as Scotty
Constantine Romanoff as Big Frank
Danny Borzage as Tim
Harry Tenbrook as Max
Cyril McLaglen as First Mate
Mary Carewe as Elizabeth – Smitty’s Wife
Bing Conley as Bumboat Girl
Jane Crowley as Kate
Carmen D’Antonio as Bumboat Girl
Lowell Drew as Blind Man
Soledad Gonzales as Bumboat Girl
Guy Kingsford as London Policeman
Elena Martínez as Bumboat Girl
Tina Menard as Bumboat Girl
Art Miles as Captain of the Amindra
Luanne Robb as Smitty’s Daughter
Ky Robinson as Limehouse Roustabout
Maureen Roden-Ryan as Meg
Lee Shumway as Dock Policeman
Leslie Sketchley as London Policeman
Roger Steele as Smitty’s Son
Sammy Stein as Seaman