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Look Back in Anger (Woodfall 1959, Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)Look Back in Anger (Woodfall 1959, Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)


Look Back in Anger (1959, Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)



This influential British kitchen-sink’ drama, directed in gritty black and white by Tony Richardson (Tom Jones), follows the apparently doomed marriage of an English couple, Jimmy and Allison Porter. Richard Burton gives a stunning performance as Jimmy, a role that showed audiences he could perform on screen without the aid of historic armor. Look Back in Anger served as a seminal part of Britain’s ‘Angry Young Man’ movement of theatrical dramas, novels and films and heralded the beginning of the England’s New Wave cinema.’

Look Back in Anger was director Tony Richardson’s first feature for his newly formed Woodfall Films production company.

production details
UK / Woodfall | 98 minutes | 1959

Director: Tony Richardson
Producer: Harry Saltzman
Director of Photography:Oswald Morris
Editor: Richard Best
Composer: Chris Barber
Script: Nigel Kneale, John Osborne
Production Design: Peter Glazier

Nigel Davenport as 1st Commercial Traveller
Alfred Lynch as 2nd Commercial Traveller
Walter Hudd as Actor
Claire Bloom as Helena Charles
Gary Raymond as Cliff Lewis
Richard Burton as Jimmy Porter
Mary Ure as Alison Porter
Edith Evans as Mrs. Tanner
Glen Byam Shaw as Colonel Redfern
Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Mrs Redfern
Donald Pleasence as Hurst
George Devine as Doctor
Toke Townley as Spectacled Man
S.P. Kapoor as Kapoor
Jane Eccles as Miss Drury
John Dearth as Pet Stall Man
Anne Dickins as Girl ASM
Bernice Swanson as Sally


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