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Lost Moment, The (Walter Wanger 1947, Robert Cummings, Susan Hayward)



The Lost Moment was an odd, dark drama based on Henry James’s The Aspern Papers. Publisher Robert Cummings ventures to Venice in order to review a cache of letters left by a poet who mysteriously vanished. He encounters a 105-year-old woman (Agnes Moorehead), who was the recipient of the letters, and her beautiful niece, Susan Hayward. Hayward suffers from delusions that she is her aunt and that Cummings is the missing poet. When the letters are stolen, secrets are revealed.

The Lost Moment was the only directorial effort of actor Martin Gabel. His few film credits include Hitchcock’s Marnie (1964) and Billy Wilder’s The Front Page (1974).

production details
US / 89 minutes / 1947

Director: Martin Gabel
Writer: Leonardo Bercovici,
Story: Henry James

Robert Cummings as Lewis Venable
Susan Hayward as Tina Bordereau
Agnes Moorehead as Juliana Borderau
John Archer as Charles Russell
Joan Lorring as Amelia
Frank Puglia as Pietro
Eduardo Ciannelli as Father Rinaldo
Minerva Urecal as Maria
William Edmunds as Vittorio

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