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Lover Come Back (1961, Doris Day, Rock Hudson



While Rock Hudson and Doris Day are best known for Pillow Talk , this Oscar-nominated romantic comedy is just as much fun. He plays Jerry Webster, a Madison Avenue ad exec who uses wining, dining and gorgeous girls to win his clients. She plays rival Carol Templeton who catches him out when fake ads he used to charm chorus girl Rebel Davis (Edie Adams) are accidentally aired. He has just enough time to try and come up with a genuine product for the fake ads while she starts pitching for the account. Unfortunately, the genuine product he comes up with is alcohol-based and the pair end up in a compromising position… Delbert Mann’s enjoyably frothy take on the 50s ad world also contains enough sideswipes at it to have its cake and eat it.

production details
USA | 107 minutes | 1961

Director: Delbert Mann
Script: Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning,

Rock Hudson as Jerry Webster
Doris Day as Carol Templeton
Tony Randall as Peter ‘Pete’ Ramsey
Edie Adams as Rebel Davis
Jack Oakie as J. Paxton Miller
Jack Kruschen as Doctor Linus Tyler
Ann B. Davis as Millie, Carol’s Secretary
Joe Flynn as Hadley
Howard St. John as Mr. John Brackett
Karen Norris as Kelly, Jerry’s Secretary
Jack Albertson as Fred
Charles Watts as Charlie
Donna Douglas as Deborah, Peter’s Secretary
Ward Ramsey as Hodges