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Macao (RKO 1952, Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

‘Adventure!,,, Intrigue!,,, In the mysterious Orient!’So rang the tagline for Macao. Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell star in a story about an ex-G.I. on the lam, a sassy singer, and a New York detective (William Bendix) chasing the head of a gambling ring. Russell is hired to sing in a nightclub owned by mobster Dexter, much to the consternation of Gloria Grahame, playing (once again) the gangster’s moll.

Meanwhile Mitchum is mistaken for the cop and things turn nasty. Original director Josef Von Sternberg’s atmospheric touches are in evidence, especially in a waterfront chase through fishing nets, however Nicholas Ray shot additional scenes after troublesome preview screenings, and von Sternberg eventually disowned the film.

The scene where Jane Russell throws an electric fan at Robert Mitchum was scripted by Mitchum at the request of Russell and replacement director Nicholas Ray.

production details
USA | RKO | 81 minutes | 1952
Director: Nicholas Ray
Josef von Sternberg
Script: Bernard C. Schoenfeld, Stanley Rubin,

Robert Mitchum as Nick Cochran
Brad Dexter as Vincent Halloran
William Bendix as Lawrence C. Trumble
Jane Russell as Julie Benson
Thomas Gomez as Lt. Sebastian
Gloria Grahame as Margie
Edward Ashley as Martin Stewart
Philip Ahn as Itzumi
Vladimir Sokoloff as Kwan Sum Tang