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Mackintosh Man, The (Warner 1973, Paul Newman, James Mason)



The Mackintosh Man is an international spy thriller set in England and Ireland directed by John Huston (and penned by future director Walter Hill) with Paul Newman as an unlikely Australian assassin hired by British intelligence to expose reactionary politician James Mason.

Dominique Sanda is the romantic interest added for the international film market. Yet what should have been a North By Northwest—style thriller seldom engages and even Huston admitted this was one of his least favorite films. Based on Desmond Bagley’s novel The Freedom Trap.

production details
USA – UK | Warner Bros. | 98 minutes | 1973

Director: John Huston
Script: Walter Hill, Desmond Bagley,

Paul Newman as Rearden
Dominique Sanda as Mrs. Smith
James Mason as Sir George Wheeler
Peter Vaughan as Brunskill
Nigel Patrick as Soames-Trevelyan
Roland Culver as Judge
Michael Hordern as Brown
Percy Herbert as Taafe
Harry Andrews as Mackintosh
Ian Bannen as Slade
Jenny Runacre as Gerda
Robert Lang as Jack Summers