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Made for Each Other (TCF 1939, James Stewart, Carole Lombard)



Made for Each Other is a romantic drama with a light touch, thanks mostly to Carole Lombard’s winning ways. Young attorney James Stewart has high hopes for a partnership, but sees them dashed when he marries Lombard instead of the boss’s daughter, Ruth Weston.

His attempts to win over the senior partner (Charles Coburn) are fruitless until he desperately needs help to get medicine for his child on a snowy New Year’s Eve.

The script for Made for Each Other is based in part on a true incident that happened when producer David O. Selznick’s brother Myron was saved by an emergency air shipment of an experimental drug that wasn’t available in California.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 92 minutes | 1939

Director: John Cromwell
Script: Jo Swerling, Rose Franken,

Louise Beavers as Lily
Irving Bacon as Newark Radio Operator
Arthur Hoyt as Jury Foreman
Ward Bond as Jim Hatton
Cyril Ring as Office Worker
Milburn Stone as Newark Official
Lucile Watson as Mrs. Harriet Mason
Tom McGuire as Bailiff
Charles Coburn as Judge Joseph M. Doolittle
Edgar Dearing as Mounted Policeman
Harry Davenport as Dr. Healy
Olin Howland as Farmer
Lane Chandler as Ranger on Telephone
Jack Mulhall as Rock Springs Radio Operator
Garry Owen as Denver Radio Operator
Harlan Briggs as Judge
Carole Lombard as Jane Mason
James Stewart as John Horace ‘Johnny’ Mason
Eddie Quillan as Conway (pilot)
Alma Kruger as Sœur Madeline
Raymond Bailey as Salt Lake City Hospital Chemist
Bonnie Belle Barber as John Mason Jr. – Infant
Donald Briggs as Mr. Carter
Frederick Chapin as Younger Doolittle
Russ Clark as Omaha Radio Operator
Monte Collins as Juror
James Conaty as Co-Worker
Esther Dale as Annie – Cook #1
Harry Depp as Hutch
Robert Elliott as Airport Operations Manager
Fern Emmett as Farmer’s Wife
Betty Farrington as Hospital Cashier
Mary Field as Johns Hopkins technician
Ruth Gillette as Tipsy Blonde at New Year’s Eve Party
Russell Hopton as Collins
Victor Kilian Jr. as Chicago Radio Operator
Tom London as Ranger
Ethel Marical as Nurse
Edwin Maxwell as Messerschmidt
James McNamara as Juror
Carlyle Moore Jr. as North Platte Radio Operator
Wilhelmina Morris as Nurse
Robert Emmett O’Connor as Harry – Elevator Starter
Renee Orsell as Hilda – Cook #2
John Picorri as Juror
Mickey Rentschler as Office Boy
Mildred Shay as John Horace Mason’s Secretary
Ivan F. Simpson as Simon – Judge Doolittle’s Brother
Jackie Taylor as John Mason Jr. – One Year Old
Nella Walker as Dr. Langham’s Nurse-Receptionist
Ruth Weston as Eunice Doolittle
Marjorie Wood as Nurse
Harry Worth as New York Hospital Chemist