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Madhouse (AIP 1974, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing)



Vincent Price and Peter Cushing headline this satire about a washed-up horror-film actor who teams up with a writer to revive his Dr. Death television series. Things go awry when members of the cast and crew begin to turn up dead, killed in ways eerily similar to plots from the old TV series. Director Jim Clark uses clips from old Roger Corman films featuring Vincent Price to serve as reenactments of the murders.

The TV interviewer is played by Michael Parkinson, one of the most popular and busiest interviewers on British TV. Known as The King of Chat,” Parkinson had just started his long-running program, Parkinson, when Madhouse was filmed.”

production details
UK – US | AIP | 92 minutes | 1974

Director: Jim Clark
Producers: Max J. Rosenberg, Milton Subotsky
Director of Photography: Ray Parslow
Editor: Clive Smith
Composer: Douglas Gamley
Screenwriters: Ken Levison, Greg Morrison
Production Designer: Tony Curtis

Vincent Price as Paul Toombes
Peter Cushing as Herbert Flay
Robert Quarry as Oliver Quayle
Adrienne Corri as Faye
Linda Hayden as Elizabeth Peters
Natasha Pyne as Julia Wilson
Michael Parkinson as T.V. Interviewer
Barry Dennen as Gerry Blount
Ellis Dayle as Alfred Peters (as Ellis Dale)
Catherine Willmer as Louise Peters
Jenny Lee Wright as Carol Clayton