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Man in the Iron Mask, The (United Artists 1939, Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett)



Famous Alexandre Dumas costume adventure The Man in the Iron Mask is about a twin brother of Louis XV kept hidden away in a prison and forced to wear an iron mask to hide his identity.

This second filmed version was directed by James Whale (Frankenstein) and features Louis Hayward in the dual roles of Louis and his brother, and Warren William as swordsman D’Artagnan. First made with Douglas Fairbanks in 1929 as The Iron Mask.

The future star of British horror classics, Peter Cushing, plays the king’s messenger in the movie and also appears as Louis Hayward’s double in ‘over the back’ shots when the film’s twin brothers confront one another.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Score.

production details
USA | United Artists | 112 minutes | 1939

Director: James Whale
Script: Alexandre Dumas, George Bruce,

Louis Hayward as King Louis XIV / Philippe of Gascony
Joan Bennett as Princess Maria Theresa
Albert Dekker as Louis XIII
James Dime as A Torturer and Mask Forger
Bert Roach as Athos
Alan Hale as Porthos
Miles Mander as Aramis
Warren William as D’Artagnan
Ted Billings as Prisoner in Bastille
Harry Woods as First Officer
Leyland Hodgson as Court Announcer
Peter Cushing as Second Officer
William Royle as Commandant of Bastille
Joseph Schildkraut as Fouquet
Walter Kingsford as Colbert
Marion Martin as Mlle. de la Valliere
Montagu Love as Spanish Ambassador
Doris Kenyon as Queen Anne
Nigel De Brulier as Cardinal Richelieu (as Nigel de Brulier)
Boyd Irwin as Lord High Constable of France
Howard Brooks as Cardinal
Reginald Barlow as Jean Paul
Lane Chandler as Captain of Fouquet’s Guards
Wyndham Standing as Doctor
Dorothy Vaughan as Midwife
Sheila Darcy as Maria Theresa’s Maid
Robert Milasch as Torturer
D’Arcy Corrigan as Tortured Prisoner
Emmett King as King’s Chamberlain
Fred Cavens as Francois
Dwight Frye as Fouquet’s Valet
Ian Maclaren as Valet de Chambre
John Merton as Soldier
Edgar Norton as Fouquet’s Servant