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Man’s Castle (Columbia 1933, Loretta Young, Spencer Tracy)



Man’s Castle is a pre-Code, Depression-era story with surprisingly adult themes from master of melodrama Borzage. Spencer Tracy, like millions of Americans, is down on his luck and living in a Hooverville-style shack. When he sees the plight of Loretta Young, who doesn’t even have a place to lay her head, he takes her in and they soon begin a relationship. However, Tracy’s head is turned by a dancer who offers a trip down Easy Street. But Tracy discovers Young is pregnant, and to do the honorable thing, he tries to rob a factory payroll safe.

A year after the release of the movie, Hollywood adopted the Production Code, which would have made the film (with its adult themes of unwed cohabitation and premarital pregnancy) virtually impossible to realize.

production details
USA | Columbia | 75 minutes | 1933

Director: Frank Borzage
Original Story Lawrence Hazard
Cinematography: Joseph H. August
Editor: Viola Lawrence
Music: Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Script: Jo Swerling

Loretta Young as Trina
Glenda Farrell as Fay La Rue
Dickie Moore as Joie
Walter Connolly as Ira
Spencer Tracy as Bill
Marjorie Rambeau as Flossie
Arthur Hohl as Bragg
Helen Jerome Eddy as Mother