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Marooned (1969, Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna)Marooned (1969, Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna)


Marooned (1969, Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna)



In Marooned, after five months in space, the manned space mission Ironman One is ready to return. But a failed rocket booster leaves them trapped in orbit and the three man crew (Richard Crenna, Gene Hackman and James Franciscus) are running out of air. Back at NASA, Charles Keith is trying to rescue them and astronaut Ted Dougherty (David Janssen) has a plan – launch a new craft and transfer the trapped men. But time is running out – will it work and will all three trapped astronauts survive…

John Sturges, best known for his classic westerns including Bad Day at Black Rock , changed direction as the genre declined into more futuristic scenarios including The Satan Bug and Ice Station Zebra . Even though there’s little surprise at the outcome, he builds the tension nicely – Dougherty’s only chance of takeoff is through the eye of a hurricane – and the special effects were state-of-the-art. And, in the way life often imitates art, a year later, the world was on the edge of their seats as the drama of Apollo 13 unfolded.

production details
USA / 134 minutes / 1969

Director:John Sturges
Writers:Mayo Simon from Martin Caidin’s novel,

Gregory Peck as Charles Keith
Richard Crenna as Jim Pruett
David Janssen as Ted Dougherty
James Franciscus as Clayton Stone
Gene Hackman as Buzz Lloyd
Lee Grant as Celia Pruett
Nancy Kovack as Teresa Stone
Mariette Hartley as Betty Lloyd
Scott Brady as Public Affairs Officer
Craig Huebing as Flight Director
Frank Marth as Air Force Systems Director
John Carter as Flight Surgeon
Vincent Van Lynn as Aerospace Journalist
George Gaynes as Mission Director
Tom Stewart as Houston Cap Com
Duke Hobbie as Air Force Titan Specialist
Walter Brooke as Network Commentator
Dennis Robertson as Launch Director


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