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Master of Ballantrae, The (Warner 1952, Errol Flynn)



An ageing Errol Flynn stars in the last of his great costume adventures The Master of Ballantrae. This swashbuckling adventure, adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson, is considered Flynn’s best film since The Sea Hawk 13 years earlier.

Scottish, English, and Sicilian locations add greatly to this colorful tale of piracy and intrigue aimed at restoring the Stuarts to the British throne. Remade as a TV film in 1984 with Michael York in the Flynn role.

The Master of Ballantrae was also Errol Flynn’s last film under his Warner Brothers contract. It was also the last film for long-time Warner director William Keighley, who retired after a film career of more than twenty years.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 90 minutes | 1953
Director: William Keighley
Script: Herb Meadow,

Anthony Steel as Henry Durie
Mervyn Johns as MacKellar
Felix Aylmer as Lord Durrisdeer
Beatrice Campbell as Lady Alison
Roger Livesey as Col. Francis Burke
Francis de Wolff as Matthew Bull
Moultrie Kelsall as Capt. McCauley
Charles Goldner as Capt. Mendoza
Errol Flynn as Jamie Durie
Yvonne Furneaux as Jessie Brown
Jacques Berthier as Capt. Arnaud
Ralph Truman as Clarendon
Gillian Lynne as Marianne