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Master Of The World Master Of The World


Master Of The World (AIP 1961, Vincent Price, Charles Bronson)



Adapted from the Jules Verne story of the same name and Robur, the Conqueror , this is fun sci-fi fantasy for big and small kids (surprising given Richard Matheson’s reputation for horror such as I Am Legend and Stir of Echoes ). Set in the 19th century, Vincent Price plays Robur in fine form as a mad scientist using his magnificent air ship to fly over the world threatening mass destruction from the clouds unless the people below agree to world peace.

On board his ship he is holding a scientist and his team as his guests, and as Robur threatens the world it is up to them to stop him. Innovative and imaginative fun brings the idea to life with a magnificent flying machine and high gadget period technology brought vividly to life with some fantastic use of stock shot footage that makes this an enjoyable romp.

production details
USA / AIP – Alta Vista / 104 minutes / 1961

Vincent Price as Robur
Charles Bronson as Strock
Henry Hull as Prudent
Mary Webster as Dorothy
David Frankham as Phillip
Richard Harrison as Alistair
Vito Scotti as Topage
Wally Campo as Turner



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