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Miranda (2002, John Simm, Christina Ricci)



Frank (John Simm) works in a soon-to-be demolished Yorkshire library when in walks a vision of beauty – Miranda (Christina Ricci). To his amazement, she falls for his advances but after a brief, torrid affair, she returns to London. Following her, Frank soon finds himself involved in a con-trick engineered by Miranda and her mentor Christian (John Hurt) against millionaire Nailor (Kyle MacLachlan).

Munden’s film, which premiered at the Sundance Festival, is a very British take on the American confidence trick film – Miranda and Christian’s particular skill is to sell buildings just before they’re due to be demolished for the full property price rather than just the land. Ricci manages a passable British accent while Simm, best known at the time from the TV series The Lakes, turns in an excellent performance as the Elvis-loving romantic innocent suddenly caught up in a bigger game.

production details
UK | 93 minutes | 2002

Director: Marc Munden
Script: Rob Young,

Julian Rhind-Tutt as Rod
Christina Ricci as Miranda
Kyle MacLachlan as Nailor
John Hurt as Christian
Joanne Froggatt as Jacquie
John Simm as Frank
Tamsin Greig as Receptionist



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