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Mogambo (MGM 1953, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner)



In Mogambo Clark Gable, Grace Kelly, and Ava Gardner go on an African safari where they look glamorous enough to have just wandered by for cocktails. Gable plays the magnetic macho great white hunter, and Gardner the woman hunting the hunter while trying to distract the wandering eyes of the cool, married Kelly. A more sensual remake of Red Dust, in which Gable costarred with Jean Harlow 21 years earlier, aided by the assured direction of Ford and a dazzling cast.

While making the movie Gable became an avid big-game hunter. He became a local celebrity for killing a crocodile that had been threatening a local tribe, thus earning him the title Bwana.

Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress: Grace Kelly. Academy Award Nominations: Best Actress: Ava Gardner; Best Supporting Actress: Grace Kelly.

production details
USA | MGM | 115 minutes | 1953
Director: John Ford
Script: John Lee Mahin, Wilson Collison,

Ava Gardner as Honey Bear Kelly
Grace Kelly as Linda Nordley
Philip Stainton as John Brown-Pryce
Laurence Naismith as Skipper
Clark Gable as Victor Marswell
Donald Sinden as Donald Nordley
Eric Pohlmann as Leon Boltchak
Denis O’Dea as Father Josef