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Mommie Dearest (Paramount 1981, Faye Dunaway, Steve Forrest)



Faye Dunaway gives a whole new meaning to tough love in this Joan Crawford biopic based on the controversial memoir of her adopted daughter Christina. Told from the worm’s eye point of view of the abused daughter, the film chronicles Crawford’s later and declining years as a star, and her chairmanship of Pepsi Cola. Dunaway’s neurotically screeching, live-wire portrait of the aging movie queen turned this run-of-the-mill biopic into a cult classic.’

At one point Crawford shreiks ‘No more wire hangers!’ at her stepdaughter Christina. The line became a popular catchphrase after the movie’s release and at revivals of the film audience members sometimes bring hangers and fling them at the screen. ‘

production details
USA | Paramount | 129 minutes | 1981

Director: Frank Perry
Producer: Frank Yablans
Cinematography: Paul Lohmann
Editor: Peter E. Berger
Music: Henry Mancini
Script: Christina Crawford, Robert Getchell, Tracy Hotchner
Production Design: Bill Malley

Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford
Howard Da Silva as Louis B. Mayer
Steve Forrest as Greg Savitt
Xander Berkeley as Christopher Crawford (adult)
Mara Hobel as Christina Crawford (child)
Joe Abdullah as Captain
Diana Scarwid as Christina Crawford
Harry Goz as Alfred Steele
Michael Edwards as Ted Gelber
Jocelyn Brando as Barbara Bennett
Priscilla Pointer as Mrs. Chadwick
Gary Allen as Jimmy
Selma Archerd as Connie
Adrian Aron as Wedding Guest