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Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961, Anthony Caruso, Ron Randell)



An ex-convict is exposed to radiation from a cobalt bomb explosion. He finds that his body is turning to steel and seeks revenge on his double-crossing former colleagues. The last film of long-time veteran director Allan Dwan, this science-fiction thriller has impressive drive and ferocity despite its low budget.

Producer Benedict Bogeaus at first told the Most Dangerous Man Alive cast and crew of that the film they were working on was a two-part television show. When they put their scripts together and realized that it was really a feature film, they demanded, and received, the higher rates mandated by unions for feature-film work.

production details
USA | 82 minutes | 1961

Director: Allan Dwan
Producer: Benedict Bogeaus
Director of Photography: Carl Carvahal
Editing: Carlos Lodato
Music:Louis Forbes
Script: James Leicester, Phillip Rock

Elaine Stewart as Carla Angelo
Anthony Caruso as Andy Damon
Ron Randell as Eddie Candell
Gregg Palmer as Lt. Fisher
Morris Ankrum as Capt. Davis
Debra Paget as Linda Marlow
Tudor Owen as Dr. Meeker
Steve Mitchell as Devola
Joel Donte as Franscotti