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Mr. Destiny (1990, James Belushi, Michael Caine)



Fantasy about a middle aged man played by James Belushi, who thinks his life would have turned out differently if he had made an important hit during a high school baseball game. On his 35th birthday the depressed man, is given a second chance by a mysterious bartender played by Michael Caine, to find out if making that hit would have really given him more of a wonderful life. Jon Lovitz as Belushi’s geeky high school buddy tries to lend him support.

The mansion used as the L.J. Burrows home owned by James Belushi in Mr. Destiny is the same Asheville, North Carolina estate used in the 1979 Peter Sellars comedy Being There.

production details
USA | Touchstone Pictures | 110 minutes | 1990

Director: James Orr
Producers: Jim Cruickshank, James Orr
Director of Photography: Alex Thomson
Editor: Michael R. Miller
Music: David Newman
Script: James Orr
Production Design: Michael Seymour

Rene Russo as Cindy Jo Bumpers/Burrows
Jon Lovitz as Clip Metzler
James Belushi as Larry Burrows
Michael Caine as Mike
Linda Hamilton as Ellen Jane Burrows/Robertson
Hart Bochner as Niles Pender
Courteney Cox as Jewel Jagger
Bill McCutcheon as Leo Hansen