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Mr Perrin And Mr Traill (Two Cities 1948, David Farrar, Marius Goring)



In Mr Perrin And Mr Traill Vincent Perrin is a teacher at Bamfield College who resents the popularity of new young teacher David Traill. When Perrin finally has enough of the bad treatment that is being dished out by headmaster Moy-Thompson, coupled with the announcement of the engagement between Traill and Isabel Lester (whom Perrin is also in love with), he decides on drastic action to rid the school once and for all of Traill.

Despite being almost forgotten these days Mr Perrin and Mr Traill serves as a great insight into Public School life of the time. The novel was pretty popular during the time the film was made and stayed in print for many years and the movie itself stays pretty faithful to the tone of the novel, albeit updating the setting to the then modern day.

The dynamic between the two leads is the most satisfying of the all round good performances in the film too (apart from the smallish appearance by the legendary Finlay Currie of course). At the time David Farrar, who plays Traill, was one of UK cinemas most popular actors, thanks in no small part to an appearance in the previous years Black Narcissus.

production details
Country: UK | Two Cities Film | 92 minutes
Release Year: 1948

Writer: L.A.G. Strong
Additional Dialogue: Tom Harrison
Novel: Hugh Walpole
Cinematography: Erwin Hillier
Producer: Alexander Galperson
Director: Lawrence Huntingdon

David Farrar as David Traill
Marius Goring as Vincent Perrin
Raymond Huntley as Moy-Thompson
Greta Gynt as Isobel Lester
Edward Chapman as Birkland
David Lines as Johnson
Mary Jerrold as Mrs. Perrin
Lloyd Pearson as Dormer
Viola Lyel as Mrs. Comber
Ralph Truman as Comber
Finlay Currie as Sir Joshua Varley
Maurice Jones as Clinton
May MacDonald as Mrs. Dormer
Archie Harradine as White
Donald Barclay as Rogers
Pat Nye as Matron
Howard Douglas as Jenkins
John Campbell as Garden
Brendan Clegg as Dodge
Cavan Malone as Benson
Roddy Hughes as Doctor
Brian McDermott as Henderson
Roy Sargent as 2nd Prefect
Johnnie Schofield as Barman
John Warren as Chauffeur
Sheila Huntington as Vera

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