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Mummy’s Shroud, The (Hammer 1967, André Morell, John Phillips)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

PETER CUSHING is the narrator explaining events in Egypt in 2000 BC, where a young pharaoh and his faithful retainer Prem (played by Hammer’s resident stuntman EDDIE POWELL) are entombed.

Fast forward to the ’20s and an expedition led by financier Sir Basil Walden (ANDRE MORRELL) excavates the two mummies but fanatical tomb guardian Hasmid (ROGER DELGADO) revives Prem and sets him off on a killing spree against all those who have desecrated the tomb and his master’s body.

production details
UK | Hammer | 90 minutes | 1967

Director: John Gilling
Script: Anthony Hinds John Gilling

André Morell as Sir Basil Walden
John Phillips as Stanley Preston
David Buck as Paul Preston
Elizabeth Sellars as Barbara Preston
Maggie Kimberly as Claire de Sangre
Michael Ripper as Longbarrow
Tim Barrett as Harry Newton
Richard Warner as Inspector Barrani
Roger Delgado as Hasmid
Catherine Lacey as Haiti
Dickie Owen as Prem
Bruno Barnabe as Pharaoh
Toni Gilpin as Pharaoh’s Wife
Toolsie Persaud as Kah-to-Bey
Eddie Powell as The Mummy
Peter Cushing as Narrator