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Neverending Story II, The: The Next Chapter (1990, Jonathan Brandis, Kenny Morrison)



Six years after the successful original, George Miller took up the directorial reins for this sequel with a brand new cast. Jonathan Brandis plays Bastian, once more drawn to a copy of The Neverending Story in Koreander’s bookshop. But the words are jumbled and as he tries to make sense of it, he is drawn into Fantasia, reuniting with Atreyu (Kenny Morrison).

This time, the threat comes from the witch Xayide (Clarissa Burt), who is draining the land’s essence. As they hunt for the Childlike Princess, she sets a trap for Bastian that could finally spell doom for Fantasia. Surpassing the special effects of the original (a city of glass ships on an ocean of acid and an army of minature elephants are among the highlights), this spectacular film is one for children of all ages.

production details
Germany – USA| 89 minutes | 1990

Director: George T. Miller
Script: Michael Ende, Karin Howard,

Kenny Morrison as Atreyu
Jonathan Brandis as Bastian Bux
Clarissa Burt as Xayide
John Wesley Shipp as Barney
Martin Umbach as Nimbly
Alexandra Johnes as kindliche Kaiserin
Thomas Hill as Koreander
Helena Michell as Bastians Mutter
Christopher Burton as Tri Face
Patricia Fugger as Instrument Spinster
Birge Schade as Windbride
Claudio Maniscalco as Lavaman
Andreas Borcherding as Mudwart
Ralf Weikinger as Mudwart
Colin Gilder as Rockbiter Junior