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Next Friday (2000, Ice Cube, Kym Whitley)



This sequel to Friday sees Craig Jones (Ice Cube) on the run from South Central when Deebo, the rather large guy he beat up and testified against, breaks out of prison and is after a re-match. Sent to safety in the suburbs with Uncle Elroy (Don DC Curry), he soon finds that not only is Deebo a danger but he has to look out for Suga (Kym Whitley), Elroy’s very young and very sexy wife as well as contending with his none-too-bright cousin Day-Day Jones (Mike Epps) as the pair try to come up with the $3,900 taxes eviction-threatened Elroy owes.

Ice Cube, better known for his action roles in Ghosts of Mars and Three Kings , brings a surprisingly light touch to this comedy. This is no niche film but one with as broad an appeal as Dumb and Dumber . Primarily a comedy of characters, Steve Carr, in his directing debut, helms with authority. In 2002, the third in the series, Friday After Next enjoyed similar acclaim.

production details
USA | 98 minutes | 2000

Director: Steve Carr
Script: DJ Pooh, Ice Cube,

Kym Whitley as Suga
Ice Cube as Craig Jones
Amy Hill as Mrs. Ho-Kym
Mike Epps as Day-Day
Justin Pierce as Roach
John Witherspoon as Mr. Jones
Don Curry as Uncle Elroy
Jacob Vargas as Joker
Lobo Sebastian as Lil Joker
Rolando Molina as Baby Joker
Lisa Rodríguez as Karla
Tom Lister Jr. as Debo
Tamala Jones as D’wana
The Lady of Rage as Baby D’
Clifton Powell as Pinky
Sticky Fingaz as Tyrone
Michael Rapaport as Mailman with Tax Notice