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Night After Night (Paramount 1932, Mae West, George Raft)



In George Raft’s first leading role and Mae West’s first talkie, Raft is a creep with more cash than class. Looking to break into the upper crust, he opens a nightclub on the very spot where downtrodden Constance Cummings’s family mansion once stood. Raft arranges a quiet dinner for the two at his club, which is crashed by (among several others) Raft’s old flame, West, who steals the show.

Commenting years later, Night After Night star Raft remarked of co-star West ‘she stole everything but the cameras.

production details
USA | Paramount | 73 minutes | 1932

Director: Archie Mayo
Producer: William LeBaron
Cinematography: Ernest Haller
Script: Vincent Lawrence

George Raft as Joe Anton
Tom Kennedy as Tom
Mae West as Maudie Triplett
Constance Cummings as Miss Jerry Healy
Wynne Gibson as Iris Dawn
Alison Skipworth as Miss Mabel Jellyman
Roscoe Karns as Leo
Louis Calhern as Dick Bolton
Bradley Page as Frankie Guard