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Night of the Big Heat (1967, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)



A heat wave slowly roasts the inhabitants of a remote northern island in this psychological British sci-fi thriller. Hammer Studio veterans, director Terence Fisher, and stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing makes this an effective, claustrophobic horror movie about a very unusual alien invasion. Watch out for those exploding beer bottles! Released in Britain as Night of the Big Heat and in American theaters as Island of the Burning Damned.

Director Terence Fisher, was long identified with Hammer Studios’ horror movies and directed more than 50 movies and TV series in his career. He didn’t direct his first film, however, until age 43.

production details
UK | Hammer | 94 minutes | 1967

Director: Terence Fisher
Director of Photography: Reginald Wyer
Editor: Rod Keys
Composer: Malcolm Lockyer
Screenwriters: Jane Allen, Ronald Liles
Art Director: Alex Vichinsky

Christopher Lee as Godfrey Hanson
Patrick Allen as Jeff Callum
Peter Cushing as Dr. Vernon Stone
Jane Merrow as Angela Roberts
Sarah Lawson as Frankie Callum
William Lucas as Ken Stanley
Kenneth Cope as Tinker Mason
Percy Herbert as Gerald Foster
Thomas Heathcote as Bob Hayward
Anna Turner as Stella Hayward
Jack Bligh as Ben Siddle
Sydney Bromley as Old Tramp
Barry Halliday as Radar Operator