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Night Of The Eagle (1961, Janet Blair, Peter Wyngarde)



Released in America with the somewhat less ambigious title of Burn, Witch, Burn, Peter Wyngarde plays a hard-headed psychology lecturer who slowly begins to realise that his wife Janet Blair is involved with a local campus witchcraft ring and has to begin to assess his own rational and beliefs.

Dave Pirie, reviewing the film for Time Out, wrote, ‘From the opening sequences where Blair scrambles frantically around her house searching for a witch doll left by one of the faculty wives, the whole thing takes off into a joyous amalgam of Rosemary’s Baby and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?… [the script is] structured with incredible tightness as the sane, rational outlook of the hero is gradually dislocated by the world of madness and dreams.’

production details
UK | 90 minutes | 1962

Director: Sidney Hayers
Writer: Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson from Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife

Anthony Nicholls as Harvey Sawtelle
Colin Gordon as Lindsay Carr
Norman Bird as Doctor
Kathleen Byron as Evelyn Sawtelle
Peter Wyngarde as Norman Taylor
Janet Blair as Tansy Taylor
Margaret Johnston as Flora Carr
Reginald Beckwith as Harold Gunnison
Jessica Dunning as Hilda Gunnison
Judith Stott as Margaret Abbott
Bill Mitchell as Fred Jennings