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Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000, Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson)Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000, Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson)


Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000, Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson)



Following the success of The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy returns as Sherman Klump, Buddy Love and a host of other characters in this sequel. Sherman is getting married to Denise Gains (Janet Jackson) but his alter-ego Buddy Love keeps breaking through. Determined to rid himself of his pesky partner, Sherman extracts Buddy’s genes, but an accident and a dog hair see Buddy take on his own life. Unaware of his existence, Sherman and Denise perfect their new rejuvenation formula and their fortune seems assured until Buddy steals it, ready to undersell them. And to make matters worse, Sherman finds that, as a result of extracting Buddy, he is getting dumber by the minute. Can he and Denise get rid of Buddy, keep the formula and make Sherman smart again?

Once again, Murphy takes on not just the main roles of Sherman and Buddy but the six members of Sherman’s family, thanks to the patience of make-up artist Rick Baker and the skills of cinematographer Dean Semler. The broad humour is balanced by the love between Sherman and Denise, which is touchingly portrayed, particularly when he starts losing his intelligence. Buddy also provides humour, with the dog in him occasionally leading to embarrassing moments, and Peter Segal directs with neat assurance.

production details
USA / 106 minutes / 2000

Director: Peter Segal
Writers: Barry W Blaustein, David Sheffield, Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz

Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump / Buddy Love / Granny Klump / Mama Klump / Papa Klump / Young Papa Klump / Ernie Klump / Lance Perkins
Janet Jackson as Denise
Larry Miller as Dean Richmond
John Ales as Jason
Richard Gant as Denise’s Father
Anna Maria Horsford as Denise’s Mother
Melinda McGraw as Leanne Guilford
Jamal Mixon as Ernie Klump, Jr.
Gabriel Williams as Isaac
Chris Elliott as Restaurant Manager
Duffy Taylor as Restaurant Trainee
Earl Boen as Dr. Knoll
Nikki Cox as Bright Student
Freda Payne as Claudine
Sylvester Jenkins as Old Willie


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