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Of Human Hearts (MGM 1938, Beulah Bondi, James Stewart)



Beulah Bondi is magnificent, stoic, and proud in melodrama Of Human Hearts set in pre-Civil War Ohio. James Stewart, the resentful son of a stern preacher, becomes a doctor through his mother’s sacrifice. But after he moves East and enters the war, he ignores his family. Bondi fears that he has been killed and writes to President Lincoln (John Carradine) asking if he knows of her son’s whereabouts. The president sternly presses a reconciliation between Stewart and his dying mother.

John Carradine, who plays Abraham Lincoln in Of Human Hearts (1938), played another U.S. president, William McKinley, in A Message to Garcia (1936). In the latter film, however, only the distinctive voice of the esteemed character actor is heard.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actress: Beulah Bondi.

production details
USA | MGM | 103 minutes | 1938

Director: Clarence Brown
Script: Bradbury Foote, Honore Morrow,

Sterling Holloway as Chauncey Ames
Ward Bond as Lout Laughing in Church (uncredited)
John Carradine as President Lincoln
Gene Lockhart as Quid
Robert McWade as Dr. Lupus Crumm
Charles Coburn as Dr. Charles Shingle
Clem Bevans as Elder Massey
Ann Rutherford as Annie Hawks
Guy Kibbee as George Ames
Walter Huston as Ethan Wilkins
James Stewart as Jason Wilkins
Beulah Bondi as Mary Wilkins
Gene Reynolds as Jason Wilkins as a Child
Leatrice Joy Gilbert as Annie Hawks as a Child
Charley Grapewin as Jim Meeker
Leona Roberts as Sister Clarke
Arthur Aylesworth as Rufus Inchpin
Charles Peck as Chauncey Ames as a Child
Minor Watson as Captain Griggs
Frank McGlynn Jr. as Lout Laughing in Church (uncredited)