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Open Your Eyes (1997, Eduardo Noriega, Penélope Cruz)



Remade as Vanilla Sky by Cameron Crowe, which starred not only Tom Cruise but also Penélope Cruz, who reprised her role as Sofia, this is a chance to see the original drama about infidelity and identity with a devastating twist.

With his face hidden by a mask, César (Eduardo Noriega from The Devil’s Backbone ) reveals the story of his life to a psychiatrist, explaining how he inherited a fortune and lived the life of a handsome, womanising playboy, and how his life of wealth and privilege subsequently fell apart after meeting Sofia (Cruz). He is introduced to Sofia by his friend Pelayo (Fele Martínez), who is unlucky with women and jealous of César’s success, and when César finds himself falling in love with Sofia, he angers not only his friend but also recent conquest Nuria (Najwa Nimri).

Nuria exacts a terrible revenge for her jealousy, committing suicide by crashing the car she is in with César, who survives. Depressed and still in love with Sophia, César cannot believe his luck when Sophia reveals that she is in love with him and not his friend Pelayo, just as the doctors reveal there is a new technique for rebuilding his face and restoring happiness to his life. But for César, happiness proves an illusion and the nightmare is about to begin…

The result is an intelligent and complex story that belies the simple premise and is a highly ambitious second feature that delivers in spades; not surprisingly considering that this is the work of the director of Nicole Kidman chiller The Others .

production details
Spain | 117 minutes | 1997

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Script: Mateo Gil, Alejandro Amenábar, Natalia Montes,

Eduardo Noriega as César
Penélope Cruz as Sofía
Chete Lera as Antonio
Fele Martínez as Pelayo
Najwa Nimri as Núria
Gérard Barray as Duvernois
Jorge de Juan as Encargado L.E.
Miguel Palenzuela as Commisario
Pedro Miguel Martínez as Médico Jefe
Ion Gabella as Recluso paranoico
Joserra Cadiñanos as Guardia
Tristán Ulloa as Camarero



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