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Our Mother’s House (MGM 1967, Dirk Bogarde, Pamela Franklin)



In dark drama Our Mother’s House a group of seven kids decide to cover up their mother’s death (for fear of being split up and sent to a home), matters are complicated by the return of their neer-do-well father (played by Dirk Bogarde who again was trying his hardest to kill off his heartthrob of the fifties tag.)

Leslie Halliwell was not impressed calling it an ‘unpleasant and rather boring melodrama, too silly to have much dramatic impact.’

production details
UK | MGM – Filmways | 100 minutes | 1967

Novel: Julian Gloag
Writers: Jeremy Brooks, Haya Harareet
Director: Jack Clayton

Dirk Bogarde as Charlie Hook
Margaret Brooks as Elsa
Pamela Franklin as Diana
Louis Sheldon Williams as Hubert
John Gugolka as Dunston
Mark Lester as Jiminee
Phoebe Nicholls as Gertie
Gustav Henry as Willy
Parnum Wallace as Louis
Yootha Joyce as Mrs. Quayle
Claire Davidson as Miss Bailey
Anthony Nicholls as Mr. Halbert
Annette Carell as Mother
Edina Ronay as