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Our Relations (MGM 1936, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy)



Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy each play dual roles in this zany elaborate comedy, considered by some to be the best of the Laurel & Hardy comic adventures. The boys play respected men in their village, unaware that their exact twins, Alf Laurel and Bert Hardy (Stan and Ollie, in their alternate roles) are sailors on leave in the same town, charged with delivering a valuable ring. Toss in girls, gangsters, that troublesome ring and some complicated cases of mistaken identity, and the result is a true gem of the Laurel and Hardy archives.

Although Stan Laurel was generally known as the creative mind behind the Laurel and Hardy films, Our Relations marks his first-ever official producer credit. He would be listed as a producer on four more features between 1937 and 1938.

production details
USA | MGM | 74 minutes | 1936

Director: Harry Lachman
Producer: Stan Laurel, Hal Roach
Original Story: W. W. Jacobs
Cinematography: Rudolph Mate
Editor: Bert Jordan
Music: Leroy Shield
Script: Felix Adler, Richard Connell, Jack Jevne, Charley Rogers
Art Direction: Arthur I. Royce, W. L. Stevens

Noel Madison as Second Gangster at Pirate’s Club
Charlie Hall as Man in Pawnshop (uncredited)
Iris Adrian as Alice
Sidney Toler as Captain of SS Periwinkle
Alan Hale as Joe Grogan
Stan Laurel as Stan / Alf Laurel
Oliver Hardy as Ollie / Bert Hardy
Daphne Pollard as Mrs. Daphne Hardy
Betty Healy as Mrs. Betty Laurel
James Finlayson as Finn
Lona Andre as Lily
Ralf Harolde as Gangster Boss
Arthur Housman as Drunk
Virginia Grey as Pirate’s Club Customer (uncredited)