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Passage to Marseilles (Warner 1944, Humphrey Bogart, Claude Rains)



Michael Curtiz rounds up the male leads from ‘Casablanca’ for another gripping, atmospheric wartime tale. The story centers on Humphrey Bogart, a bombardier on a Free France bomber who drops letters to his wife and son trapped in occupied France.

Through flashbacks we see the story of his prewar romance, resistance to fascism, his arrest, and eventual escape from a penal colony. Though Bogie never makes it back alive, Claude Rains ensures his last letter will be delivered. Stirring and action-packed.

Warners intended to release Passage to Marseilles to coincide with the expected invasion of southern France. When this did not take place, the film had to be released without any international news event to boost the box office.

Director: Michael Curtiz Producer: Hal B. Wallis Original Story: James Norman Hall, Charles Nordhoff Director of Photography: James Wong Howe Editor: Owen Marks Composer: Max Steiner Screenwriter: Casey Robinson

production details
USA | Warner Bros | 109 minutes | 1944

Director: Michael Curtiz
Script: Jack Moffitt, James Norman Hall, Charles Nordhoff, Casey Robinson,

Peter Lorre as Marius
Humphrey Bogart as Jean Matrac
Mark Stevens as Hastings
Claude Rains as Captain Freycinet
John Loder as Manning
Hans Conried as Jourdain
Helmut Dantine as Garou
Michèle Morgan as Paula Matrac
Philip Dorn as Renault
Sydney Greenstreet as Major Duval
George Tobias as Petit
Victor Francen as Captain Patain Malo
Vladimir Sokoloff as Grandpere
Eduardo Ciannelli as Chief Engineer
Corinna Mura as Singer
Peter Miles as Jean Matrac Jr.
Marcelle Corday as Grocer’s Wife (uncredited)