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People That Time Forgot People That Time Forgot


People That Time Forgot, The (AIP 1977, Patrick Wayne, Doug McClure)



When Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure) was marooned on the Lost Island of Caprona in the year 1916 as seen in the first of this loose trilogy, The Land That Time Forgot, he hurled a cannister into the ocean hoping someone would find it and come to his rescue.

Three years later the cannister, containing Tyler’s information about the island and prehistoric botanical specimens, is discovered off the coast of Scotland. Tyler’s long time friend, Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne), convinces a London newspaper that Tyler’s strange claims could be true and that an expedition to rescue his friend on Caprona could result in the story of the century. And so the adventure begins in Kevin Connor’s thrill-packed adventure also starring the intriguing charms of singer Dana Gillespie.

production details
UK / AIP – Amicus / 90 minutes / 1977

Patrick Wayne as Ben McBride
Doug McClure as Bowen Tyler
Sarah Douglas as Charly
Dana Gillespie as Ajor
Thorley Walters as Norfolk
Shane Rimmer as Hogan
Tony Britton as Captain Lawton
John Hallam as Chung-Sha
David Prowse as Executioner
Milton Reid as Sabbala
Kiran Shah as Bolum
Richard LeParmentier as Lt. Whitby
Jimmy Ray as Lt. Graham
Tony McHale as Telegraphist

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